If you need Pastoral Care, please click on the link below to discover what type of Pastoral Care Victory Church provides. This link also offers an online form that will help us know more about your needs as well as provide a way for a member of our Care & Support team to contact you.


Small Groups provide some of the best opportunities for people to get to know each other on a deeper level and do life together. Authentic, healthy relationships not only provide connection into church life, but they are also a source of strength, encouragement and joy throughout life’s seasons. They are the first line of care for those in the group when needs arise. Find out more about Small Groups here.



Pastoral biblical guidance is available to the members of Victory Church. This is not professional counseling, but rather an opportunity for a pastor to give empathy, hope, prayer, guidance, and encouragement based on biblical wisdom.

Members can request an appointment with a pastor by filling out the Care & Support form. Once the form is submitted, the team will review and follow up with next steps.



Pastors at Victory Church do help with funeral preparation and funeral services to members and their immediate family. Please fill out the Care & Support form. The team will reach out to the family with next steps.



A Victory Church team member will visit and pray with members, visitors and/or their immediate family while in the hospital. Members can request a hospital or home visit through the Care & Support form.



We have outlined steps to help couples build a satisfying, love and grace-filled marriage that will last a lifetime. Through the years, we have seen God’s best come from solid, intentional preparation for marriage. The time couples spend during their engagement should be viewed as an investment in the life that they will live together.

Our Marriage and Family Team would love to walk with you and your fiancé as you prepare to build your life together.



Research studies show that the divorce rate among Christians and non-Christians is nearly the same. But studies also show that when couples combine being planted in a healthy local church with putting specific attention to improving their marriage, the success rate for marriages goes way up.

Our Marriage and Family Ministry is a safe place for married couples to build, and if need be, re-build, strong, healthy, and Godly marriages. If you desire help, please fill out the Care & Support form to be connected with one of our Marriage Coaching Champions.



If you need help in an area that is not listed in our Care & Support page, please simply fill out our Care & Support form and one of our Care & Support Champions will contact you right away.